Rewards Forwarding Service

If you would like your rewards to go to a different IoTeX address than the one you use to stake/vote, you can use our service to set up a forwarding address. You may also deregister the forwarding service at any.

1. Login to ioPay using your forwarding address (“io…”). If you create a new address, make sure to record your private key in a safe place.

2. Input your staking address (“0x…”) below and click “Generate an authentication message”. A new window in ioPay will appear. Adjust the nonce as needed (if this is your first time, leave it at “1”). Copy the authentication message to your clipboard.

3. Click “Go to sign” which will bring you to MyEtherWallet (MEW). Login using your staking address (“0x…”) and click the “Message” tab. Paste the authentication message and sign the transaction. After signing, a signature message will appear. Copy the signature message to your clipboard.

4. Paste the signature message below and choose a “Start Epoch”. After clicking “Submit”, rewards will be sent to your forwarding address at the start epoch you defined.

5. You may register another forwarding address at any time (remember to adjust nonce appropriately). You may also deregister the forwarding service at any time in the “Deregister Forward Service” tab.

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